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Yoga. Every. Day.

Commitment to a daily practice sets an intention of worthiness. 

With time and dedication, what you once thought impossible is attainable. 


Workplace Classes. In office instruction helps employees improve mental clarity, fitness and well-being and better manage stress. A yoga program can lead to lower health care costs and help attract and retain talent.

My workplace classes emphasize breath and movement to curate a healthful mind-body connection. The goal is to build endurance, flexibility, and strength while relieving stress and tension. You will walk off your mat feeling rejuvenated and at peace.


Private Instruction. One on one instruction is tailored to the client’s needs. Whether you are a beginner or have an advanced practice I can help you build confidence and improve your technique. A tailored practice puts the focus on you and your needs and wellness goals.

Athletes of all kinds can benefit from a centered yoga practice built to maximize readiness for their sport of choice. As a triathlete myself, I can work with you to train for your big event and develop a consistent program of supportive yoga. Team training is also available.


Group Sessions. Bridal parties, employee appreciation events, weekend gatherings, wellness retreats. I can work with you to integrate yoga and mindfulness training into your special event.

Yoga Portraits. As a stylist, I will work with you and a professional photographer to create a yoga portrait session capturing the inner and outer beauty of your yoga practice.


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