Yoga for High School Students


I had the opportunity to teach yoga at a Wellness Fair hosted at my high school yesterday. It’s so great that the school promotes health and wellness to its students and faculty. Building awareness and creating healthy habits at a young age is so important. I was grateful to share my practice with the students and teachers and was surprised at how smoothly things went in a room full of coed teenagers unfamiliar with yoga.

I was fortunate to grow up with healthy role models. In the 80’s, my parents joined the gym and worked out regularly on Nautilus equipment. I would accompany them frequently and test my strength on the machines. I always wonder if lifting at a young age had anything to do with being the runt in the family…but whatever. What’s important is that exercising and eating a balanced diet of unprocessed foods was the norm in my family and these healthy habits that are so foreign to many come so naturally to me.

I hope that schools continue to host wellness fairs of this kind offering various pathways to healthy and happy life-styles. Everyone deserves to be joyful, healthy, peaceful and at ease.