Kindness 💜 There’s a man who stands on the street corner along my running route in the mornings. His jovial disposition and long white beard remind me of Santa Claus (without the large belly and red suit). Every morning he stands on the sidewalk waving and smiling at passing cars, some of which return the greeting with a honk. And every morning we exchange a high five and a quick hello. Today he told me he liked my sharp shoes which had flashing lights for running in the dark. I used to think that I made this stranger’s day with our interaction but upon reflection I now find that he makes mine. He’s the first person I make contact with each day and his kindness is a reminder that you don’t need to know someone’s name or story to have a meaningful connection. At the gas station following my run I noticed that the man next to me was having trouble starting his car. Instead of rushing to get onto the next daily task, I stopped and asked if he needed help. I gave him a jump for which he was thankful. I think it was the high five from the old man that made me stop and practice kindness to the stranger at the gas station. Kindness is contagious and passed on. If you can be anything, be kind 💜