Janel 40.0


Hello 40!

I turned 40 in May. I COULD NOT WAIT to jump out of bed the morning of and go for a run outside. I went for my longer 10-mile loop, tracking my time in hopes of confirming my youthful feeling with a strong pace. I was right!

Being 40 offers a sense of freedom. Acceptance of who I am as a person. A celebration of my unique experiences that have brought me to this point. 40 spells rebirth. I'm proud of who I've become and excited to welcome opportunities that appeal to me rather than conforming to others' expectations. I'm excited to focus on health, wellness and self-care and continue along the path of personal and spiritual growth.

I am stronger, more flexible, lighter and more confident than I was a year ago. Evidence that transformation is possible at any age. Embrace 40!