Kombucha Me

Me, thoroughly enjoying my homebrew.

Me, thoroughly enjoying my homebrew.

Whole Foods Market is one of my happy places and I go there at least once a day (sometimes just to walk through the aisles). Like I said, it’s a happy place.

One of my favorite items to purchase is kombucha, a fermented tea rich in probiotics.

The slight sour taste and carbonation satisfies my taste buds while the probiotic content keeps my gut healthy, improves digestion and immunity and helps with weight loss. YES, please!

After discussing my healthy kombucha habit with a friend and the toll it was taking on my bank account, she suggested I make my own. So I took her advice and found numerous kombucha recipes online. I used one from poseymom with great results.

Making kombucha is easy, economical and fun to share with family, friends and co-workers. Go ahead and spread the kombucha love!


Ingredients: Black organic tea, sugar, scoby, distilled water and vinegar (to start).


Let the fermentation process begin…