Pose of the week: Chaturanga Dandasana


Pose of the week: Chaturanga Dandasana also known as Four-Limbed Staff Pose is a foundational part of a sun salutation sequence requiring ample leg, arm and core strength.  

Getting into the pose: From plank pose, engage your leg muscles and core, pull sternum forward(shifting body weight forward), keep elbows stacked over wrists and pressed against side ribs. Lower down until elbows are in line with shoulders and draw the heads of the shoulders back pressing the lower tips of the shoulder blades together to avoid dumping into the shoulders. Imagine one long line of energy from your heels through the crown of the head while keeping the body in a straight line. Modify with knees down. 

Getting out of the pose: Press back up into plank pose or move through your vinyasa by shifting onto the tops of your toes and pressing up into upward facing dog.


  • Strengthens and tones the wrists, arms, abdominal muscles and lower back

  • Prepares the body for more challenging arm balances

  • Strengthens the muscles surrounding the spine which improves posture